Susan's Kids

Meet Susan's Kids

By Susan Peters 18 Apr, 2017
Mikaela would like a family that will stick with her and provide her with lots love and security! Mikaela’s hobbies are playing tennis, reading and card games. She says that she likes science class the most because of the fun hands-on activities & experiments they get to do. She enjoys school and plans on attending college. Mikaela would like to become a science teacher someday. She will need a family that will support her and invest a lot of time in her. A structured home with consistent rules and expectations would be great. Mikaela would like a family that is musical, enjoys attending church and will care for her always.
By Susan Peters 18 Apr, 2017
Kameron is kind, friendly, and a good helper. He likes cooking and getting his chores done. His hobbies include playing video games and building things out of Legos. His favorite class in school is math; he says that it's "easy." Kameron has improved in school, but will benefit from one-on-one support in the classroom. He is also meeting more age appropriate skill sets, especially when meeting someone new. Kameron gets along fairly well with adults, but needs encouragement to engage positively with peers his own age. Kameron is an energetic guy that would like a family that is fun and has animals. A family that is patient, kind, and understanding would be a great fit for Kameron. Only families living in Kansas will be considered at this time.
By Susan Peters 06 Mar, 2017
These 3 siblings are ready to shoot for the stars and needing the love and attention of a strong, patient, and reassuring family to get them there.

Trinity, 10, is a fashionista in the making! If you need makeup or fashion advice, she's always willing to make recommendations. She has a strong sense of adventure and loves trying new things-especially if it involves traveling and exploring new places. She's into all things girly-such as make-up, clothes, and jewelry-but also loves doing handstands and cartwheels.

Future Dodge Ball champion, Deonte is 7 years old. When he's not playing dodge ball or able to get outdoors, he enjoys "indoor sports" on the Xbox. He takes pride in helping with chores around the house too! He says that someday he might like to be a Police Officer but right now he's just busy with his homework and practicing sports.

Their youngest sibling, ZaKiya is 6. She has plans to be an astronaut and is already practicing her count-down skills. "3-2-1, Blast-off" she exclaims as she propels herself into a handstand! She is full of life and energy and definitely has a mind of her own! She loves animals and movies but mostly, she likes running around outdoors and playing.

These siblings are waiting for an energetic family who is ready to commit to them "no matter what!"
By Susan Peters 06 Mar, 2017
Laiken enjoys playing with her dolls and loves to laugh at anything funny. Laiken has a great imagination and wants to be a princess when she grows up! She works hard at “being good” and following the rules. Laiken has made progress in regards to her interactions with others, though she can be shy at first. She deserves a loving two parent family that can offer a stable and structured environment. Only Kansas families are being considered at this time.
By Susan Peters 20 Jan, 2017
Angilica is a talkative young lady who enjoys playing soccer and singing. When she grows up she would like to be a professional soccer player. Angilica does well in school, but does have additional supports to help her throughout the day. She will need to be provided with one-on-one supervision in order to continue to learn positive interactive skills with her peers. Angilica and her sister  Lilyana would do great in a home that has time to spend with the both of them! Anjelica & Lilyana would like to join the same family but can be adopted separately. If they join separate families, it is important that contact be maintained between both.
By Susan Peters 11 Jan, 2017

Faith enjoys doing arts and crafts as she finds them to be “fun and soothing.” She also enjoys photography at school, mostly because of the “memories behind the photos.” Faith has experienced some tremendous school accomplishments, as well as made a lot of strides recently learning healthy coping skills. Those around her report she is “a support for peers,” and she would like a family who can show her the same commitment and support. Faith would really like a family that has animals in the home for her to care for and love. She would also appreciate a family who can show her the sillier side of life by watching comedy shows with her and bonding through laughter.

By Susan Peters 02 Jan, 2017
Jeffrey is a shy and reserved teen. His hobbies include playing video games, reading and going to the movies. Jeffery does well in school and is proud of his good grades. He doesn’t have a favorite class in school because he likes all of them!

Jeffrey states that he would like to become an archeologist or video game designer when he grows up. Jeffrey has made great progress and has had no negative behaviors recently. He struggles with socializing, making eye contact and having conversations with others. Jeffery will need a home with no younger children. Jeffrey needs and responds well in a very structured environment. He needs a family that will be patient and loving.
By Susan Peters 02 Jan, 2017
Derrick loves reading books and playing video games. He states the he is good at playing basketball and dodge ball. Derrick’s favorite class in school is PE. He is in regular classes, with one-on-one assistance. Derrick functions at a lower level than his peers and this sometimes is a challenge for Derrick when he is making and maintaining friendships. He interacts and really enjoys playing with children that are younger than he is. Derrick will need encouragement to follow directions and not argue with others. He will need parents that are willing to advocate for his needs. Derrick needs a home with strong boundaries and consistent structure. He will require constant supervision. He would benefit greatly from a positive male role model.
By Susan Peters 01 Jan, 2017
Myrashia is an imaginative and smart young lady. She enjoys singing, dancing and watching movies. Her favorite types of movies are comedies. Myrashia is very organized and likes helping others. She is doing well in school and says her favorite class is language arts. Myrashia has aspirations of becoming a pediatrician someday.

Myrashia can struggle with letting others know how she feels. She continues to work on vocalizing her feeling and wants. Myrashia will need encouragement to be honest and not mess with things that don’t belong to her. She does well with adults, especially females. Myrashia deserves a family that is able to provide her with positive feedback, healthy boundaries, and of course, unconditional love.
By Susan Peters 01 Jan, 2017
Here comes Shane! He is strong willed, smart, active and would love to be adopted by a family that has other children. He enjoys playing with others and being outside. Shane particularly enjoys playing basketball and soccer. He likes hanging out with his foster brother and playing video games with him. Shane likes having an older brother in him to look up to. He continues to want to always be “a good person” and when he grows up he wants to play soccer professionally. In school Shane likes English class the most because he enjoys reading and writing and using his imagination. He would do well with an active family and would like to have one where can have older siblings. Only families living in Kansas will be considered at this time.

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