Meet Jeffrey

  • By Susan Peters
  • 02 Jan, 2017

a 16 year old boy waiting for a ‘no matter what’ family.

Jeffrey is a shy and reserved teen. His hobbies include playing video games, reading and going to the movies. Jeffery does well in school and is proud of his good grades. He doesn’t have a favorite class in school because he likes all of them!

Jeffrey states that he would like to become an archeologist or video game designer when he grows up. Jeffrey has made great progress and has had no negative behaviors recently. He struggles with socializing, making eye contact and having conversations with others. Jeffery will need a home with no younger children. Jeffrey needs and responds well in a very structured environment. He needs a family that will be patient and loving.
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Meet Susan's Kids

By Susan Peters 11 Dec, 2017
Folks would say Anthony has a mind for science and learning how things work. Math and science, in particular, chemistry are his favorite classes in school. Anthony says you can “do math and science in a fun way!” Outside of school his main hobbies consist of sports, legos and drawing. Anthony is proud of participating and working hard in gymnastics. When he grows up he wants to be a firefighter. Anthony doesn’t mind helping out around the house or helping with yard work. He is a polite young man who is very smart and needs a family that help him be the best he can be. A committed family that can provide structure, guidance and support are ideal.
By Susan Peters 11 Dec, 2017
Going for a nice bike ride is something Jonathan can really appreciate. He enjoys playing video games in his spare time. Jonathan has an interest in cars and would love to learn more about them. In school he likes his PE class the most as he considers his time there to be fun. Jonathan is a good kid and can relate well to others. He enjoys a good laugh, especially slapstick comedy. Jonathan would like a family that will accept him for who he is. A patient, understanding and kind family that will be there for him no matter what, is something he certainly he deserves.
By Susan Peters 05 Sep, 2017
Future entrepreneur Tyarie needs a family who will cheer her on as she strives to reach her goals. She considers being active and participating in jump-rope and soccer as her biggest strengths. In school Tyarie enjoys math class the most as she really feels accomplished when solving problems. When she grows she wants to be a teacher and teach 3rd grade. Tyarie relates well to peers and adults and is characterized as respectful, caring and attentive towards others. She makes friends easily and has a wonderful sense of humor. Tyarie will need a family who will be supportive of her and guide her in being the best she can be. A loving family who lives in the country and has pets is ideal.
By Susan Peters 01 Aug, 2017
Happy go lucky Taven loves to smile. He is a lively child who enjoys receiving attention and praise. Taven communicates well through a use combined use of sign language and flashcards. He enjoys playing baseball and is currently a part of the Miracle League! His two favorite classes in school are P.E. and music.  P.E. is his favorite because he can be active and expend some of his endless energy.  His love of music comes through both in school and home with all of his different musical toys. Taven would do best in a family who has some familiarity of navigating and utilizing several different services within the community and across the state. Given Taven’s boundless energy and quest for fun, a family that can ensure he is safe and always has someone to engage with him would be ideal.
By Susan Peters 01 Aug, 2017
Frank is a smart young man that likes to stay active. He enjoys playing traditional sports such as basketball and soccer, but he also enjoys playing a more untraditional sport—parkour tag! PE is his favorite class at school and he would like to be a personal trainer someday. All of these activities allow Frank to be active and thriving.

Frank is intelligent and a hard worker. He worked very hard on his school work to successfully catch up with his classmates and continues to do well. He’s very proud of this academic achievement and all the hard work and determination it took to get there.

Frank continues to make progress in expressing his anger and frustrations in an appropriate manner. He has seen a decrease in negative behaviors and consequences as he implements useful coping skills throughout the day.

Frank would like adoptive parents that show him kindness, offer endless support, and provide a structured home environment. He would prefer a two parent family with siblings around his age or a little younger.
By Susan Peters 03 Jul, 2017
These four amazing sisters have a strong bond, truly care about each other & want to be adopted together.

The oldest is Berneice, she is characterized as a good big sister and does a great job watching out for her sisters. Her hobbies include basketball, hunting & fishing & dancing. Berneice enjoys being outside and likes going to the river and hiking as well. In school her favorite class is vocal, as she gets to sing in that class, as well as PE because “you get to exercise and get to move around.” Berneice wants to go to College and become a 1st grade teacher. She will need a family that can help guide her and help achieve her goals.

Next up is Sophia, she enjoys hanging out with her sisters and laughing with them. She likes animals and would like to be a Veterinarian when she grows up. In school Sophia enjoys her social studies class the most as she says she gets to “learn about history and my teacher is nice.” She has aspirations of going to Disneyland someday! Sophia needs a family that can provide her with support and understanding.

Next up is Josefine, she is characterized as being a nice person and someone who encourages others. Her hobbies include outdoor activities like fishing and hiking. Josefine particularly likes going to the river and doesn’t mind getting a little muddy. In school her favorite class is math as she loves numbers and is proud of how hard she has worked in that class. In her spare time Josefine enjoys watching funny YouTube videos. When she grows up she wants to be a professional basketball player and try her hand at skydiving. Josefine needs a nurturing family that can provide her with a lot of one on one attention.

The youngest sister is Evelyn and she is good at being kind and helpful to others. She enjoys playing with her dolls and playing outside. Evelyn likes to be outside and enjoys swimming and playing on the swing set. In school her favorite classes are PE, “it helps me exercise”, art “because it makes feel creative” & especially music, as she says “music is my thing.” Evelyn works hard in school. When she grows up she wants to be a music teacher. Evelyn will need a family that can provide her a lot of comfort and nurture.

All four girls would do well with a strong family that can provide a lot of love, structure and guidance. They will need someone to advocate for them and help them be the best they can be.
By Susan Peters 23 May, 2017
Sheila is an active young girl with a beautiful smile! She enjoys playing with animals, listening to music and going for walks. Sheila’s favorite class in school is cooking. She will need additional supports in the classroom to help her be successful. She will need guidance in choosing friendships that are appropriate and maintaining appropriate boundaries and attachments to others. Sheila is learning to process her past trauma and needs a family that is willing to support her and actively participate in her treatment. Sheila can to test boundaries and will need a family that is fully committed to her and will support her throughout the adoption process. She does best with a consistent routine. Sheila deserves a committed family that will love her unconditionally and be patient and understanding of her needs. Sheila wants an active family that is dedicated and will not give up on her.
By Susan Peters 18 Apr, 2017
Mikaela would like a family that will stick with her and provide her with lots love and security! Mikaela’s hobbies are playing tennis, reading and card games. She says that she likes science class the most because of the fun hands-on activities & experiments they get to do. She enjoys school and plans on attending college. Mikaela would like to become a science teacher someday. She will need a family that will support her and invest a lot of time in her. A structured home with consistent rules and expectations would be great. Mikaela would like a family that is musical, enjoys attending church and will care for her always.
By Susan Peters 18 Apr, 2017
Kameron is kind, friendly, and a good helper. He likes cooking and getting his chores done. His hobbies include playing video games and building things out of Legos. His favorite class in school is math; he says that it's "easy." Kameron has improved in school, but will benefit from one-on-one support in the classroom. He is also meeting more age appropriate skill sets, especially when meeting someone new. Kameron gets along fairly well with adults, but needs encouragement to engage positively with peers his own age. Kameron is an energetic guy that would like a family that is fun and has animals. A family that is patient, kind, and understanding would be a great fit for Kameron. Only families living in Kansas will be considered at this time.
By Susan Peters 06 Mar, 2017
These 3 siblings are ready to shoot for the stars and needing the love and attention of a strong, patient, and reassuring family to get them there.

Trinity, 10, is a fashionista in the making! If you need makeup or fashion advice, she's always willing to make recommendations. She has a strong sense of adventure and loves trying new things-especially if it involves traveling and exploring new places. She's into all things girly-such as make-up, clothes, and jewelry-but also loves doing handstands and cartwheels.

Future Dodge Ball champion, Deonte is 7 years old. When he's not playing dodge ball or able to get outdoors, he enjoys "indoor sports" on the Xbox. He takes pride in helping with chores around the house too! He says that someday he might like to be a Police Officer but right now he's just busy with his homework and practicing sports.

Their youngest sibling, ZaKiya is 6. She has plans to be an astronaut and is already practicing her count-down skills. "3-2-1, Blast-off" she exclaims as she propels herself into a handstand! She is full of life and energy and definitely has a mind of her own! She loves animals and movies but mostly, she likes running around outdoors and playing.

These siblings are waiting for an energetic family who is ready to commit to them "no matter what!"
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